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The Session #124: Late, Lamented Loves

This month’s edition of the Session is hosted Dave Bardallis asks us “Nevertheless, I think the chosen subject, “Late, Lamented Loves,” is still worth talking about. I mean a beer you remember fondly but which is no longer in production.”

This topic brings my mind back to the Bandersnatch Brewpub, the first brewpub I remember in the Phoenix area. It was located not far off Arizona State University campus. According to my research they first opened in 1988. The beer that made it memorable was their Milk Stout. I had never heard of the style before and it became my got to beer when I was down in the Tempe area. It had typical wood trim bar with a view of the brewery. It wasn’t until much later I learned they brewed on an extract system and while that was the kiss of death for many breweries they seemed to keep a good quality to their brews.

In 2003, the commonly told story was the brewery was in the way an expansion of the city government building, so the the bar and the building is gone, as often is the case the truth was something a bit different. They haven’t given up on the business though, I ran across their website and they posted last month that they are trying to get reestablished. I wish them best of luck.