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Mad Skills Needed

I have worked for a couple of breweries before starting this one. I have seen tens if not hundreds open their doors. The process is long, it never goes as fast as you want, it is the nature of the beast.

Brewing is by it’s nature requires a many skill sets, problem solver, electrician, tour guide, and of course janitor, mostly in fact janitor.

So neither of the areas were any surprise as we are starting. The element that perhaps strikes me unsuspecting was how often I’d be asked about an opinion on something that I had no experience in, nor any preference. For example last week I was evaluating a used forklift, I have worked with them regularly enough in the past but I am far from an expert. So I called up a repair company and had one of their guys join me. It was old so it needed some repairs, not surprising really. Along the way we also discovered it wasn’t the model advertised so then I was left working numbers to see if it fit our needs. Remember how many kids complain in ask when we would need algebra in school, in the brewers world I would say the answer is regularly. 20 years later I wished I’d taken that calculus class as well some days too.

Another week it’s support struts and how many we need on the bar. Media expert, plumbing guru, and the titles keep rolling on. At times it’s fun and other times you sit saying to yourself “I’d just like to start making beer, please.”

Keep your head down, do your homework, admit your ignorance, and be on time. Every day a little more progress and yeah, when do I open?