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The Session #96 Festivals: Geek Gathering or Beer Dissemination?

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I like the topic this month so why not?

The February 2015 Session topic is “Festivals: Geek Gathering or Beer Dissemination?

Much of the answer depends on where the festival is and how it is held. For instance events now held in North Carolina, because we have a started to develop a more mature market for beer are often a Geek Gathering. Take for instance Raleigh Rare and Vintage Beer Tasting that was recently held. At $70 a ticket you won’t likely attract someone who has never had a ‘craft’ beer to the event but beer geeks buy all the tickets in a matter of hours. The same goes for events like SAVOR, Fobab, or Beer Advocate’s Extreme Beer Festival. So we have reached a point where many are Geek Gatherings.

That said there is still a market for Beer Dissemination and much of that is based on the structure of the event in question. The last few years locally Brewgaloo has been held downtown Raleigh. This event attracts thousands of people, but for all those folks you can get to beers in general, fairly easily. There is a low barrier to entry, an id check then you buy as many or few tickets as you like, so if you want just to have a few tasters then go on about your day you can. The low level of commitment required opens the door to people who haven’t had ‘craft’ beer before but want to see what it is all about.

This becomes a far more important component as we get to less developed markets as All About Beer’s World Beer Festival have been doing in South Carolina or in the past in Florida. Last year I was in Mexico to help a brewery and it reminded me of what the US market was like 30 years ago. One of the marketing components I recommended to the brewer there was to start an educational outreach program and launch a local beer festival as a component of that program.

Festivals whether geek gathering or beer dissemination need to incorporate education as a key component to their design. This helps newer customers better understand and enjoy their beer. It takes away some of the mystery or fear that people seem to have when faced with the array of choices festival often offer. Festivals are one of the brewers best outreach methods when properly run that help spread the word, okay the flavor, no the awareness of ‘craft’ beer.

PS – I used the term ‘craft’ refer to the more flavorful beers, but it’s a term I tend like All About Beer and other places tend to be stepping away from using, but I needed a modifier on the word beer so I went with what we have got.