Monthly Archives: January 2014

Another Journey Begins…

One of my wife’s favorite stories is how I got into brewing professionally. After many years of homebrewing and helping at homebrew shop she asked if I wanted to ever work at a brewery when we moved to North Carolina. I told her no that was too hard of work, I’d prefer to stick to writing and enjoying beer as a hobby. A few years later after working at another homebrew shop, on a beer app, and teaching beer education classes I finally ended up working for a brewery. After working at a brewery for a bit she asked if I wanted to open my own place and I said “no, that’s too much work, I don’t think so.” She laughed and reminded me of our past discussion.

So now I begin working on my brewery, after working for others for a biit. It’s not simply mine, there are some others who are interested in craft beer but little experience in the area. Something I provide in due quality.

I have only scratched the surface of the process and I am quite aware of the mountain of paperwork that awaits me. I look forward to my new adventure and sharing as much as I can on the process.