Craft Brewers Conference Day 1

It was a day of transit for me so not much of note. I started at the brewery in Raleigh fussing about as a mother hen looking over things one last time, making sure the brewery was in good order before coming to DC. The train ride up was slow, late, but wifi and reports of others heading the same direction kept me in good cheer.

I managed to see old coworkers, local friends, and friends from the other side of the country, but not run into my boss at the opening reception. Funny too as everyone had just spoke with him, but I  never managed to catch up. Receptions at the Air and Space Museum are always impressive with the aircraft lit up at night, but it always evolves into people having conversations while ignoring their surroundings. And getting kicked out of galleries with drinks, The beer food pairings with local breweries were particularly mentioning, they had paired a dish with a local beer. The duck sausage and Belgian ale was really amazing.

Today the conference starts in earnest.

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