My post about A Sense of Place has been in my mind for a while. What brought it back to my attention was this recent article on BrewHub. The idea that 5 ‘craft breweries’ would combine an operations space. Admittedly it takes my idea and pushes it to a test, can breweries keep their individual sense of place if you are in a multi-use facility? I think it will dampen potential for unique personality to shine through, to show the personality of the brewers and their art.

Or perhaps they will all shine through and my idea on place is worthless?

Time will tell.

I will say that brewpubs looking to expand into the production space this will be a potentially attractive route. The test case is already been made in the form of the 21st Amendment Brewery, while they have their home in San Francisco they have a partner brewery in Minnesota.

For smaller regional breweries, it might be a way to expand production when in a pinch waiting on a new or expansion of a facility, but I don’t think many brands will be successful on this model.

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