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The Session #70 – Hype

Okay I am back for the Session #70 which is all about Hype.

Is hype a good or bad thing for beer?

Intriguing thing, the answer though is a mix of both.

Without a certain degree of the element new businesses can’t make an effective start, where would Fullsteam be where they are today without Sean Wilson’s marketing? Sam’s over the top character? Or Brewdog’s impetuousness?

If the beer doesn’t follow through then, the hype falls flat.

That is where the challenge lies, often some new brewery comes on the scene, receives accolades or awards, but in the increased demand and attention the minutest faults magnify. And God forbid they release a bad batch. In an internet age, the honest open approach in social media can rectify certain faults, but it can only go so far. If the hype spin engine continues though in the face of a failing product the public’s BS meter will go off and the brewery will suffer.

Is Pliny that good? Yes.

Is Westvleteren 12? I honestly don’t know, but I am willing to find out.

As for the rest I know some sought after beers haven’t impressed me as much as the hype goes, but I am still willing to give new breweries a fair chance.

In the end is it good or bad? Yes, a mix of both.